A Portrait adventure

A while back I got hold of an old Praktica MTL5B. As i has the M42 mount, i fitted it with the Helios 44-2 that came with my Zenit Camera, and went to try it out at a portrait shoot.

My first pick on portrait shoots like this one is my absolute favourite film, the Ilford Delta 100. I loaded one roll to the Praktica and asked one of my best models to join me.

The Praktica MTL5B I used for this shoot.

The location we chose for this shoot was a really beautiful lake not far away. It was a bit rainy, but nothing that compromised the quality of the shoot and results.

I shot the film at box speed, and used a lightmeter to ensure more or less correct exposure. It turns out, that this camera is in mint mechanical condition, and that exposure is spot on.

The Helios 44-2 is also a treat, and gives a nice touch to the portraits, even though the famous swirly bokeh is not prominent in these pictures.

Praktica MTL5B w Helios 44-2, Ilford Delta 100, developed in Kodak Xtol 1:1, 21 degrees for 9 minutes 20 seconds.

The images were developed as I normally do with portraits on Delta 100, Kodak Xtol 9 minutes 20 seconds at 21 degrees 30 sec agitation. Then water stop, and seven minutes fix. The results came out really nice, and the images here are unedited, straight from the scanner.

I would recommend the MTL5B for photographers who want to start their analogue journey. The camera is easy to use, reliable, and the viewfinder has an effective helper for the manual focus.

Please respect my lovely model!

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